About Me

Hi!  I’m Roxie.  Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about me is below!

  • I am 100% crazy cat lady!  I am married with four indoor kitties, and one more in the garage.  We also have neighbor kitties that frequently stop over for some attention and/or a snack whenever we are out on the patio.  I LOVE meeting ALLLLLL the kitties!!  #lifegoals
  • I am a gearhead.  I have a thing for supercars.  Koenigsegg forever!  I appreciate classic American Muscle.  I also love Formula 1 (go Kimi!) and drag racing.
  • I love to travel.  Travel is really where my love of photography bloomed.  Cross-country road trips are the best!!  Our National Parks are all works of art and I am grateful to have visited many of them.  Still some more United States to see, before tackling my very long international travel bucket list, including but certainly not limited to Italy, Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands.
  • I’m sarcastic.  I enjoy satire.  I am an INTJ.
  • I read, a LOT.  Stephen King is far and away my favorite fiction author.  Such a master of language!
  • I am a listener.  I listen to podcasts most weekdays.  Top billing:  Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Burr, Adam Carolla, and just about any photography pod I can get my hands on.  For music, I prefer hard rock and 90’s rap, and will listen to just about anything but “new” country and auto-tuned awfulness without complaint!  I am also a Zaniac.
  • I love wine.  Mostly whites, as so many reds unfortunately give me a headache!  My palate is quite unrefined, and I am totally okay with that.
  • I never met a cheese I didn’t like.  Sometimes meals at our house consist only of a variety of cheeses, sausages and crackers.  I absolutely love Aged Gouda, ideally 2 years or more.
  • I still love Seinfeld.  My husband and I have whole conversations sometimes just reliving a scene that fits so well into whatever happened during our work day.
  • My cats own me.  You can check out my purr-babies here!
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